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Atia Abawi Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Bio, Parents, Net Worth
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It is crazy how life can unfold. Such has been the case for Atia Abawi. Truth be told, her life can be an inspiration to all of us.

If you don’t have an idea of who she is, she is an American author. Along with that, she is a television journalist as well.

Her life has not been ordinary at all. In fact, she was born as a refugee in Germany. But, all’s good that ends good.

And, right now, she is an accomplished journalist and writer too. Likewise, through her books, she preaches peace and humanity in the world which seems to have lost its way right now.

Atia Abawi Wiki

By now, you already know Atia is an author and a journalist as well. As per her wiki, she has previously worked as a foreign correspondent for both  NBC News and CNN.

At that time, she lived in Kabul, Afghanistan for nearly five years. In the same way, her first book is The Secret Sky: A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan.

It got published in September 2014 and received critical acclamation too. Similarly, she is also an award-winning foreign correspondent as well.

Atia Abawi Age: 37 Years Old

There seem to be no records of Atia Abawi’s age as of now. However, according to Married Divorce, Atia Abawi is 37 years of age.

Similarly, her birthday celebration takes place on the 9th of August every year. So, that makes her birth sign Leo.

Moreover, she was born in West Germany.

Atia Abawi Husband – Conor Powell

Atia is happily married. And, the name of her husband is Conor Powell. Guess what, he is a former foreign correspondent just like his wife.

The couple tied the knot on the 7th of July in the year 2012. And, their wedding took place in Leesburg, Virginia.

He used to work for the Fox NewsIt was only a year ago, he left the network. And now, he is freelancing with CNN.

Atia Abawi’s Family

Abawi is married to Conor Powell for seven years now. And, they have two kids. They have a son and a daughter.

Their son is 4 years old while their daughter is not even 1 yet. In this way, they have a perfect family.

Atia: Bio

Atia Abawi was born in West Germany. And, she was born to Afghan parents who fled from Afghanistan after the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.

Hence, she was brought up in the United States. Likewise, she graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Following her graduation, she began working as a reporter for a local station in Maryland.

Atia’s Parents: Mahnaz Ismail and Abdul Wahid Abawi

According to Married Divorce,  Atia was born to Mahnaz Ismail and Abdul Wahid Abawi. Both of her parents are of Aghan nationality.

However, she was born in Germany when they were living like refugees. And, her parents later moved to the United States

At that time, she was only a year old. Moreover, she lived with her family in Virginia for most of her early life.

Atia Abawi Net Worth

Atia is not only an award-winning journalist. She is an accomplished author as well. Hence, her net worth has to be quite an amount.

But, as of now, Atia Abawi’s net worth is unknown.