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Ashleigh Banfield is a Canadian-American journalist currently serving for CNN. She was born on December 29, 1967 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She attended Balmorals Hall School and graduated in 1985. After that she did her BA in Political Science from the Queen’s University at Ontario in 1988 and from University of British’s Advance in 1992, she studied advanced level of French language which made her completely proficient in the French language. She has already contributed for more than 20 years and still continuing to serve.


On 1998, she started her television news career through CJBN-TV located at Kenova. After getting the experience by working for few months, she joined CKY-TV in Winnipeg. Then she hosted the weekend news for CFRN-TV in Edmonton from 3 years ranging from 1989 to 1992. After that she served as a producer from 1992–93 as well as anchor for an evening newscast and business journalist from 1993-1995 at CICT-TV in Calgary. While working for CICT, she reported the 1991 Bush/Gorbachev Summit in Russia, the 1992 Clinton/Yeltsin Summit in Vancouver, worked as a freelance associate producer for ABC’s World News Tonight. After working several years for local channels in Canada, she was hired by MSNBC in United State in early 2000. Her works in the MSNBC was loved and appreciated by her viewers. Then she became a member of KDFW-TV which is situated in Dallas, Texas which gave her the Emmy Award. She also famous for hosting MSNBC Investigates, worked at NBC News, co-host for Homepage. On September 11, 2001 she did a very audacious task by presenting live coverage of the terrorist attack in the world trade center from Manhattan Street which was just a few blocks away from the terrorist attack due to which she lost her two friends. After a terrible misfortune, she was promoted for her daring act. After gathering her experience by crossing all across the globe to cover the story from the war zone, she created her own show ‘A region in conflict’. A heavy ad campaign “The One” was launched which focuses around her. She has interviewed many war victims which includes Taliban prisoners during conflict in Afghanistan, visited a hospital in Kabul and also reported other experiences in Afghanistan with coverage of travel from Jalalabad to Kabul. She also interviewed a Catholic priest in Pakistan named Father Gregory Rice. After that she started working on 10pm timeslot with the show Ashleigh Banfield on Location.


In April 2003, she was fired because of her speech at Kansas University regarding accused television news broadcasters by naming Fox News channel to give example. Her concerns regarding media coverage of the conflict in Iraq has made severe disappointment due to which she left MSNBC and began working for court TV (now known as TruTV) on 2005. There with her co-host Jack Ford, she hosted the trial coverage show Banfield & Ford: Courtside weekdays from 1 to 3PM ET. Later in January 2007, she also anchored celebrity gossip show “Hollywood Heat”. She also replaced Lisa Bloom in the TV series Open Court weekdays from 9 to 11 a.m. ET on June 1, 2009 and also reported on the Casey Anthony trial. After joining the CNN in January 2012, she co-hosted morning show “Early Star” with a co-anchor Zoraida Sambolin. Then on June 1, 2009,she hosted 11 a.m. edition of CNN Newsroom in New York each weekday which was previously hosted by Kyra Phillips. Now currently she is seen hosting the legal news show Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield.


Ashleigh Banfield is married to Howard Gould whom she met at Central Park in 2002. Her husband is a real estate financier and founder of Equator Environmental Company. The couple have two children named as Jay Fisher Gould (2005) and Ridley Banfield Gould (2007) & have not faced divorce yet.


When she was working with CICI-TV, she won two Iris Awards in 1994 in the categories of Best News Documentary & Best of Festival. She is also the honored with an Emmy Award. Her frosted blond hair with her stunning pair of legs and feet adds charm to her beauty. She is 1.78 m in height. She also stated that in 1996 while she was working with MSNBC Live, she used to get $200,000 salary per year and her nationality is Canadian.


Her bio can be obtained from Wiki. She is active in twitter and her fans following can get the latest updates of her from it. Her more information and pictures are available in her personal as well as official websites.