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Arty Froushan (Carnival Row)Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, Parents, Bio
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Arty Froushan is an aspiring actor who is currently working on Amazon’s Web Series, Carnival Row. He is portraying the character of a rebellious son in the web series. This series started recently from August 30, 2019.

Also, he has worked in a few other series in the past. However, this is the first time, he is acting for a big role.

Talking about his role in Carnival Row, he is playing Jonah Breakspear who is a rebel. He portrays the character of a son of a controlling father.

How old is Arty Froushan (Age)?

Arty is one of those people who like to keep their personal life away from everyone’s reach. That is why he is kind of unfindable on the internet.

Having said that, a few research on his Instagram led us to find his age. From his brother’s Instagram post, he was 24 years in April of 2017.

Hence, at present, he is 26 years old. But, his outer appearance surely tells that he could be a little bit older.

Arty Froushan is quite tall:: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Maybe, we should wait some more time to know the exact details of his physical features. But looking at his pictures, we can tell that he is pretty tall. He must be around 5 feet and 11 inches tall. His well-built body and wonderful facial features enhance his appearance for sure.

Is Arty Single or is he Dating someone?

This is a hard question right now. We wish, he had been a little open about his personal life. So, this handsome young man’s relationship status is a question for us too like it is for you all at present.

Arty Froushan: Wiki and Bio

Art is of European descent. Although we do not know where his birthplace is, we can say that his English accent is likely to have come from somewhere in Great Britain.

He is tall, fair and has a great jawline making his face attractive. His cleanly shaved face must have gained a lot of fans. But I can say, he looks good in the beard as well. Moreover, his hazel eyes also look like the icing on the cake on his fairly white face.

Arty studied FDA Professional Acting for 2 years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. He started his career in acting in the year 2017. He has acted in a documentary film called Joe Orton Laid Bare in the year 2017. Besides this, he also dis a small role in Knightfall in 2017.

Lastly, he is one of the main casts in Carnival Row. This show is surely going to help him gain the praises he deserves.

About Arty’s Parents

Arty, although he has not talked publicly about his personal life and family members, has let us know that he is a person close to his family.

His father is an artist, a painter, and a traveler. Arty’s father is Abol Froushan. He seems to have engaged himself in a lot of works. From architecture to painting, he has laid his hands in many things. Also, Arty’s mother’s name is Gabrielle.

Arty also has a brother.

You can find Arty on his personal Instagram. He has not gained millions of followers yet, but we believe that there is very little time for that to reach millions. He also uses Twitter.