Who Is Artem Severiukhin? Russian Racing Kart Player Nazi Salute Leads To Being Sacked

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Russian cart champion Artem Severiukhin performs the 'Nazi salute' at the podium. The FIA is currently investigating the racing kart player for his offensive gesture.

Artem Severiukhin has apologized for his mistake but has denied his support for Nazism or fascism. He admits he made a huge mistake but he never intended to gesture a Nazi salute.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. It is trending on most social media platforms and people are condemning the actions of the kart racer.

Here are details on the incident in the article below.

Who Is Artem Severiukhin? Meet Russian Kart Player

Artem Severiukhin is a 15-year-old Russian cart racer. 

Following the recent sanctions on Russian athletes, Severiukhin was competing under the Italian flag. He won the first round of the European Championship in Portugal on Sunday.

His victory in the Europen Championship was short-lived as he has found himself in big trouble. The young racer made some controversial gestures at the podium after winning the race.

At times when Russian athletes have been banned from competing, this has further complicated the situation for other athletes competing under different flags. 

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Is Artem Severiukhin On Wikipedia? His Bio Explored

No, Artem Severiukhin is not featured on Wikipedia.

However, the kart racer is currently trending for his actions at the European Kart Championship. 

People are intrigued to know more about the incident and the racer. Although we are not sure if it was a mistake or an intentional gesture, the racer will have to face some serious consequences for his actions.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

Was Artem Severiukhin Fired For Nazi Salute? Update

 Arte Severiukhin is under investigation after performing an unacceptable gesture on the podium.

During an award ceremony on April 10, 2022, Severiukhin committed an act of shame as he performed the Nazi salute.

The video has been widely circulated and condemned on social media. People have shared the video on their respective social media platforms as it is currently trending.

The kart racer made the gesture after thumping his chest twice under the Italian flag. For his controversial actions, Severiukhin has been terminated from his team and faces investigation.

His team has apologized for Severiukhin's gestures but clarified that it was his action and do not their represent views. Ward Racing also condemned his behavior and explained they sand with the international community opposing the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

They also added that they won't cooperate with the racer as they take these things very seriously. Ward Racing will proceed with terminating his racing contract.

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