Arianna Powell Wikipedia And Age: Everything To Know About

Arianna Powell Wikipedia And Age: Everything To Know About

Arianna Powell is an upcoming guitarist that you have to know. Here is a Wikipedia article that talks about her time with Drake Bell, Halsey, Nick Jonas, and so on.

Arianna Powell is an American musician who plays the guitar for some of the most famous American musicians.

Arianna also has her band and solo music. Her band is called ‘Velvet Heat,’ which is an alternative jazz fusion band. She has collaborated with many other incredible artists. She is currently on an Asia tour with JJ Lin.

Arianna is mainly known for her incredible soloing skills and the soulful chords she can play on guitar.

Name Arianna Powell
Age 25-30
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Musician
Siblings Brendan Powell
Education Duquesne University, Bachelor of Jazz Guitar
Instagram @Arianna Powell

Arianna Powell Wikipedia

Arianna Powell, the Pennsylvanian guitarist, started playing the guitar at the age of twelve.

Arianna grew up with her father and mother playing piano and guitar all the time. Piano and bass were the very first instruments Arianna learned to play.

Arianna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Guitar from Duquesne University in 2014. She moved to Los Angeles after a few years of being involved in the local Pennsylvanian scene. 

After arriving in Hollywood, she got to audition for Nick Jonas in 2015 and eventually got to play with him. She toured extensively with Jonas. A few years later, she was playing with the significant names of Hollywood like Drake Bell, Chris Brown, Daya,, and Halsey.

She is currently the lead guitarist for the band Black Eyed Peas. In 2017, she got joined the official D&A Guitar Gear artist roster. Arianna released her first EP with her duo band with Jessica Zamiska’s Circles’ in 2014.

Arianna Powell Age And Height

Arianna Powell’s age is somewhere between 25-30, judging by her appearance and the fact that she graduated in 2014.

Unfortunately, we do not have Arianna’s exact date of birth. But she was born in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ariana’s height measures around 5 feet and 8 inches. Powell also has a sibling brother Brendan Powell. 

Ariana Powell Boyrfriend And Instagram

Speaking of Arianna’s boyfriend, we cannot ensure you with any relevant information regarding her dating life.

Arianna has not posted any information regarding her dating life on social media.

You can find Ariana Powell on Instagram at @guitarianna. She regularly posts videos of her live videos and her life outside the music scene. Make sure to give her a follow to listen to some mind-blowing guitar licks.