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Aria Shahghasemi is the lead character in the renowned TV series ‘Legacies’. He played as the lead character of the show ‘Landon Kirby’. The character was originally in the fifth season of the show ‘The Originals’.

Aria’s Early and Academic Background

Aria was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. Other than that any information on his childhood or his parents has been made public. Neither the actor himself has disclosed anything over any media platforms.

Shahghasemi always had a keen interest in acting and dreamt of being a big star one day. To pursue his career in acting, Aria moved to New to take acting classes in ‘New York Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre’.

As for his academic qualification, Aria graduated with honors from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Arts.

Is Aria Dating Someone? Insight on his Personal Life


The versatile actor and the lead figure of The CW ‘Legacies’, is currently single and living a composed single life. Being said that, Aria has literally no time to get involved with someone due to his tight scheduled Hollywood projects.

Aria, on screen has chemistry with the Danielle Rose Russell but when off screen he has his own personal life. He loves to live carefree and relish the beauty of life. Even though he has been in the acting field, Aria has never hinted anything towards his personal life.

Aria Shahghasemi Height- 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm)

The handsome young actor with extra-ordinary good looks stands tall with the height of 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm) and has a considerable body weight perfectly suiting his personality.

The charismatic young actor has perfect masculine body with his chiseled chest, carved sculpture and bulging biceps. On top of that, his white complexion, devilish smile and beautiful gray eyes add more charms to his personality.

Aria is quite health conscious and follows a strict routine of workouts. He always prefers balanced diet food over unhealthy junk foods.

Apart from acting, Aria loves to cherish the beauty of life with his close friends and family. He is fond of exploring uncharted place and hanging out with his friends.

Aria Shahghasemi Rise in Career

It is not true that Aria got successful overnight. He too did his part of struggle to reach the peak and enjoy the glory of success.

Aria started off his career with working on the series ‘Unforgettable’ with the role of Davis Bennett. He then landed himself a part in the TV series ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’.

Aria then played a minor role in a TV movie ‘Socially Awkward: A Sketch Show’. And his latest work that helped him to rise to fame is the TV drama series ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies’ with the role of ‘Landon Kirby’.

Prior to entering in acting field, Aria also accumulated the work experience of a bartender in New York Posh dining house.

What’s Aria Shahghasemi Net Worth? Details on His Annual Income

The thriving versatile actor, Aria has garnered a colossal fortune through his entire career. He still has great feats to achieve and reach even higher in his career. Even though the celeb is widely known for his work in various series and movies, his current net worth is still under shade.