Are Stack And Mel Married? Travel Guides Cast Partners 2021 And Family

Are Stack And Mel Married? Travel Guides Cast Partners 2021 And Family

Are Stack and Mel Married? Stack and Mel are the a twin cowgirl duo from Travel Guides. Let’s explore their love life.

Stacy and Mel Wilburn, a.k.a. Stack and Mel have been well-known since their appearance on the Travel Guides in 2017,

Stack applied for the show after seeing an advertisement on television four years ago.

She also included her twin Mel’s name as a co-candidate on the structure. Mel mistook the call from the program’s producers for a hoax because she hadn’t told her sister about the show.

So, Mel hung up the phone. The twins believed they had lost their chance to be on the show indefinitely.

However, they make it through after a few Skype interviews.

Are Stack And Mel Married? 

Many people are asking if Stack and Mel are married in real life after winning the hearts of the public.

The twins, on the other hand, have yet to speak publicly about their personal lives.

As a result, it’s impossible to tell if the sisters are now single or married to their boyfriends.

Travel Guides Cast 2021 Partners Bio

Travel Guides Partners, Stack and Mel are recognized for their direct personalities.

They’re known as ‘cowgirls,’ but they’re not very good at riding horses.

On the show Travel Guides, the sisters frequently compete with and against one another.

They confessed that they had not visited outside of Australia prior to the concert. However, since the show’s started in 2017, the sisters have been to more than 10 nations.

Furthermore, on the show, Stack and Mel are always up for having a good time and are not afraid to try new things.

Where Are Stack And Mel From?

Stack And Mel are Australian citizens and were born in Australia.

Similarly, Travel Guides fame are both 30 years old.

Further, their birthdate information is now unavailable on the internet.

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