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Best known for the portrayal of David Ruffin in the 1989 four-hour miniseries The Temptations, Leon Robinson has entertained his audiences for over three decades, starting with the year 1982. As the actor has often redeemed his audiences with his delightful and ever-fun-watching his acting skills and comic timing, the 57-year old actor has more to his offerings to his fans.

The New York City-born actor is also an accomplished singer and producer. Robinson is also the lead writer and vocalist for bands, Leon and Peoples. The nominee of International Reggae and World Music Award has earned a sound net worth over his decades-long professional scenario.

The Temptations actor now has put his wealth in good and use and is relishing a blissful married life with this gorgeous wife Kirbie Wallace. With a net worth counted in millions, no wonder the actor has a lot to offer to his wife and their single children.

Are Kirbie Wallace and Leon Robinson are Husband Wife? Children

Without a shred of doubt, Leon Robinson and his wife Kirbie Wallace are one happily married couple. Happy in a manner that the pair have never been rumored of a possible split or divorce in all those years of their marriage.

Unlike a number of A-listers, the actor has been one of the tinsel town alums who has managed to live a low key personal life, despite all the fuzz and buzz they go with whenever they appear on screen or on the public. The actor was a rumored gay in around 2015 and many of his fans doubted his sexuality given his secrecy.

However, according to AnswersAfrica, Robinson was rumored to be gay as he had no children even in his late 40s. Well, that’s not the case anymore.

Robinson and his wife Kirbie got married in 2017, while the actor was 55 years of age. The couple doesn’t have any children together, however, Robinson has a daughter named Noelle Robinson Bailey with his former girlfriend Cynthia Bailey. Bailey is a reality TV personality and is known as the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum.

Robinson and Leon and Bailey dated each other during the 90s, with the actress giving birth to his only child, daughter Noelle on 9 November 1999. His former girlfriend was previously married to a guy named Thomas. They were married on 24 July 2010 and got divorced in March 2017.

His daughter Noelle currently lives with her mother in at her house in New York City.

Prior to his marriage with wife Kirbie, Robinson was first married to Samantha Garrett.

Kirbie Wallace and Leon Robinson Net Worth – Worth Over $1.5 Million Dollars


Leon Robinson made his debut with the 1983 American sports drama movie, All the Right Moves, featuring the Impossible franchise star Tom Cruise. Over these years, he has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, closing his net worth to a figure of $1.5 million, as of 2019. Making it to a million mark hasn’t been easy for the actor.

The Loyola Marymount University graduate first gained recognization as an actor, later the actor established himself as a singer.

Meanwhile, the details of his wife, Kirnie Wallace’s professional life is still unknown, and the details of her income and net worth are still under review.