Are Jason Aldean and Logan Crosby Related? Claim To Fame Contestant and His Famous Family

Logan Crosby releases his first song If Jesus Was A Cowboy
Logan Crosby releases his first song If Jesus Was A Cowboy( Source : tasteofcountry )

Netizens are sure that Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean are related. The musician is said to be his celebrity cousin, which he has been trying to keep a secret in Claim To Fame. 

The task in these shows for the twelve contestants, each of whom has a famous relative, is to figure out which celebrities the other candidates are related to while still keeping their own celebrity relationships a secret as they live together in a house.

Every episode features a competition amongst the candidates. The victor receives immunity for the round and a bonus clue about another competitor. Until now, one of the contestants who has been safe is Logan. 

Following the premiere of Claim to Fame, several viewers flocked to Twitter to speculate about which famous person Logan Crosby is related to. The guesses are still going on even after the seventh episode. 

The most often suggested answer was country musician Luke Bryan. And many other cyberians said that Logan gave them Luke's vibes, which they could be related to. 

Some other guesses gave out the name of Jason Aldean. Besides, the contestant revealed that his cousin had won an Academy of Country Music award and Jason seemed to fit the clue. 

Some detectives, like users on social media, managed to dig out deeper into the fact. And, it turned out the guesses were correct.

Yes, Jason is related to Logan. They are cousins.

A Twitter user named @EmmaTolkin found evidence of Logan admitting that he was the cousin of the musician Jason Aldean, during a podcast. 

In the podcast, he said that his mother and the singer were close growing up. Additionally, he shared that Jason was the influence that encouraged him to start his career in music. 

Claim To Fame Contestant Logan Crosby Cousin Still A Secret

Claim to Fame is a reality show hosted by which Kevin and Frankie Jonas. They put 12 celebrity relatives through the hardship of living together under one roof. They have to hide their identities and heritage to pursue their own Fame and money.

The contestant has to participate in the weekly tasks during their stay. The challenges will also determine the eliminations.

But there are hints in the challenges and around the house where the players stayed during shooting that could reveal contestants and possibly send them home without winning the $100,000 prize.

Logan Crosby has kept his secret safe in Claim to Fame
Logan Crosby has kept his secret safe in Claim to Fame ( Source : unionrecorder )

As of the most recent episode aired, only six players were left, and Logan Crosby has managed to keep his secret safe while entering another stage of the competition. 

While the other participants are still busy making guesses, some cyberians have already discovered Crosby's secret. He is the cousin of Jason Aldean. The two of them even follow each other on Instagram. 

Now, viewers are excited to watch if other contestants will be able to discover Logan's secret or if he will be able to keep himself safe until the end. 

Details About Logan Crosby Family Member

Some people thought that Logan Crosby was one of the family members of Tom Holland. The guesses were obvious-thanks to his build and look made him look similar to Tom. 

As people continue to learn about his famous relative, some are curious about his parents and family. He was born to Todd Crosby and Kristie Crosby. 

His parents have been married since 1996. His mom is 49 years old, and his father is 52. His mom works at Medical Arts Pharmacy, whereas his dad is a Special Agent in Charge at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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