Antonio Pérez Garibay Wikipedia: Sergio Pérez’s Father On Instagram

Antonio Pérez Garibay Wikipedia: Sergio Pérez’s Father On Instagram

Is Antonio Pérez Garibay Wikipedia on display thus far? The age of the Mexican politician remains unspecified so far. Let’s find more.

Antonio Pérez Garibay, best perceived as the father of Sergio Pére, is a Mexican politician.

He is celebrated for fathering an eminent racing driver who races in Formula One for Red Bull Racing.

Antonio Pérez Garibay himself is a former professional racer himself.

After his retirement, he served as the manager of the sports car driver, Adrián Fernández.

Presently, Garibay functions as a politician and has drifted away as a racer.

Let’s explore some exclusive facts about the former racer in the article below.

Antonio Pérez Garibay Wikipedia And Age

The official page of Wikipedia is yet to cover the biography of Antonio Pérez Garibay.

Best appraised as the father of Sergio Perez, aka Cecho, Antonio was a racing driver previously.

Antonio Pérez Garibay’s age is unknown yet; he seems to associate with age scope of 50-60 years.

On top of that, insights in regards to his precise birth details also remain undetermined so far.

The Mexican politician is married to his wife, Marilú Pérez, with whom he has three children.

Garibay has two sons, Antonio, Sergio and a daughter Paula with his wife.

The couple has the privilege to be called grandparents as well.

Antonio disclosed that he always wanted to serve the nation, which dream has come true now.

Furthermore, he is approachable across several social platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Get To Know Antonio Pérez Garibay Family

Speaking of Antonio Pérez Garibay’s family, motorsports runs in his family’s legacy.

The politician’s all three children are involved in the motorsports industry.

His eldest son, Antonio Pérez Mendoza, is also reported to be a racing driver.

Whereas, secondborn Paola too works as the commercial director of her brother in motorsports.

Sergio Pérez Mendoza, the youngest of all, is a racer in Formula One for Red Bull Racing.

Antonio travelled with his sons since they were young, which ignited the love for racing in them.

He would drop them at school directly after going on a brief road trip.

Garibay attends every big league his sons participate in and cheers for them.

Antonio Pérez Garibay’s youngest son Sergio is already married to his wife, Carola Martinez.

He is father of two children, Sergio Pérez Jr. and Carlota Pérez Martínez.

What Is Antonio Pérez Garibay Net Worth?

The explicit net worth of Antonio Pérez Garibay remains under review by trusted sources.

Presently, he primarily makes a living from politics as a politician from the Mexican government.

He came into the spotlight about his eminent racing driver sons.