Who Is Antje Hagen Son Jens Jendrich? Wikipedia Details To Follow

Who Is Antje Hagen Son Jens Jendrich? Wikipedia Details To Follow

Jens Jendrich is the son of famous German actress Antje Hagen, who is not featured by Wikipedia. Let us have a look in detail.

Jens Jendrich is a German television writer. He has worked in many different television shows, including Alberta Cobra. 

Jens Jendrich is a newbie to the German Film industry and has not worked in many shows. 

Jens’s mother is a famous star in the German Film industry. She has worked in more than 50 shows and movies.

Name Jens Jendrich
Birthday 1967
Age 54
Gender Male
Nationality German
Profession Screenwriter

Jens Jendrich Wikipedia

Jens doesn’t have a Wikipedia page as of now. 

His IMDb page is made but is empty as of now. 

He is not so well known media personality and is working hard on his name.

He is a writer in the German television series and is still in a learning phase.

Who Is Antje Hagen Son Jens Jendrich?

Jens Jendrich is the son of Gunter Jendrich and Antje Hagen. 

Jens is the only son of his family and is living with his mother until now. 

His father, Gunter, passed away when Jens was just a year old.  

There is not much information available about Jens on online media. He seems to out of the limelight of the industry as of now. 

Jens Jendrich Age- How Old Is He?

Jens Jendrich’s age is 54 years old.

According to his mother Wikipedia, Jens Jendrich was born in the year 1967. 

Jens’s exact date of birth is not mentioned anywhere online. It is not available and is still missing from the internet. 

Jens Jendrich’s Wife- Is He Married?

Jens Jendrich’s wife is not disclosed; he seems to be a very low-profile person. 

There is no information about Jens’s marital status, whether he is married or not.

Also, his social media account is also unknown and is hidden from the public. 

It is hard to say anything about Jens’s marital status. Looking at his age, he must have a relationship but is not open about it.

Jens Jendrich’s Family

Jens Jendrich’s only family as of now is his mother. 

Jens’s father passed away after the year he was born. 

Jens father Gunter Jendrich has leukemia. 

It is a kind of blood cancer that is found in the blood. 

His mother never married a second man and was always with Jens the whole time.