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Michael Gargiulo Ana Luz Gonzalez: Spouse | Wife | Net Worth
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While the world has seen most horrifying acts of violence, it also has known countless serial killers. Among those committed inhumane crimes, Michael Gargiulo is arguably amongst the most deranged serial killers of all time.

While his hideous crime has stolen the spotlight, Michael is an accuser of killing three women and attempting the fourth. He’s suspected to be guilty altogether 10 possible killings.

After serving over ten years in jail, the 43-year-old defendant went on trial in Los Angeles on May 2. He also faces charges of murdering ‘No String Attached, actor Ashton Kutcher’s friend in 2001. reports, Mr. Kutcher testified in the trial of Michael this week, adding more light and attention. Prosecutors described Michael as a psychosexual, thrill, serial killer.

Here is everything you need to know about Michael Gargiulo, who is named the ‘Hollywood Ripper’!

Michael Gargiulo Wife – Ana Luz Gonzalez

While millions of women around the world ‘feared’ with accuser Michael Gargiulo, he was a family man.

Married to wife Ana Luz Gonzalez, it remains unknown if the couple welcomed a child before his prison time. Despite the name hinting his marital status, nothing on his personal front is revealed to the public.

How much is Serial Killer, Michael Gargiulo Net Worth?

Before his brutal crimes came to light, Michael Gargiulo was the air conditioning repairman, living under wages.

While he financially struggled throughout his free days, the actual figure of Michael’s net worth remains undisclosed till today.

How Michael Gargiulo Became ‘Hollywood Ripper’? His Biography

A native of Glenview, Illinois, Michael faces three counts of murder that dates back to 1993. He also attempted to kill Michelle Murphy.

In April 2008, Michael attacked his fourth victim Michelle, who survived through his attack in her Santa Monica house. The brave woman fought for her life, and blood matching Michael’s DNA at the scene led the investigation.

Michael attempted his first murder at the age of seventeen when he stabbed his neighbor Tricia Pacaccio to death. After stabbing 18-year-old Tricia 47 times, he fled to Los Angeles in 1998 and escape Illinois’ police investigation.

His sick modus operand found his next female victim on February 21, 2001, when he stabbed Ashley Ellerin. That night, he brutally murdered Ashley in her home in Hollywood, stabbing 47 times.

The same amount of stab technique was discovered in Ashley’s body, head & neck as Tricia Pacaccio.

According to the reports, Ms. Ashley had dinner plans with actor Ashton Kutcher on that night. Over 200 witnesses to testify against Michael’s dreadful crimes include Ashton Kutcher.

Michael, otherwise known as ‘Chiller Killer’ next stabbed his neighbor, Maria Bruno in December 2005. He attacked Maria at her residency in El Monte, California.

Following the attempted murder on April 28, 2008, the Santa Monica Police Department arrested Michael that June.

Prosecutors are demanding the death penalty, but, Mr. Michael Gargiulo pleads not guilty as of May 2019.

As per the newly released reports, accuser Michael derived satisfaction slaughtering gorgeous women. Over a decade after his capture, Michael’s trail started May 2, 2019.