Annette Day Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actress

Annette Day Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Actress

Annette Day is a 74 years old actress who worked with Elvis Presley as per her Wikipedia Bio. Let us know about the veteran the actress better.

Annette Day is an actress known for her movie ‘Double Trouble’ starring alongside Elvis Presley.

Day didn’t work in any movies after Double Trouble, even though she was considered a potential actress who would have earned significant success if she worked further.

Annette Day Age And Wikipedia

Annette Day was born on 14th November 1947, making her 74 years in age. She was born and raised in Beckenham, England.

Annette’s family had an antique shop run by her father and mother. And it was at her shop that she attracted the producer Judd Bernard. 

Since Bernard was not satisfied with other actresses to star in his new movie, the charisma of Annette impressed Bernard very much that he asked her to act in his film.

Bernard was not Hence, 

Annette got the role to star in the movie ‘Double Trouble’ in 1967. She was only 18 years when she worked in the film. Over the years, after Elvis’s death from a drug overdose, his fans have tried to hear as much story of him as possible.

Moreover, she was interviewed a couple of times, even in her old age. Annette’s story of a White Mustang revolved quite a lot around the media. According to Films of the Fifties, Presley gifted Annette a brand new White Thunderbird Ford Convertible.

They were talking about how the English kids have to save every penny to buy a car. The UK parents didn’t buy a car for their kids, like the US parents. As Elvis loved buying gifts, he bought her the iconic car.

Unfortunately, she didn’t take the car with her to the UK as transporting vehicles was expensive back then. She gave it to her brother, who was staying in the US. After returning to the US, she worked for a safe making firm until retirement.

Annette Day Husband And Family

Annette Day married her husband Mike a year after returning from the US.

They gave birth to two kids. Annette is also a grandmother now. The Day family lives in Telford, Shropshire,

Annette Day Net Worth

Annette Day’s exact net worth is currently unknown.

Day is a very private woman and likes to stay out of the spotlight.