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Anne Mcclain (Nasa Astronaut) Husband: Summer Worden Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Bio
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NASA Astronaut is one of the most reputed personalities in the world. However, a celebrity is always subject to controversies. Anne Mcclain is one of those recently.

Anne Mcclain is an engineer and a NASA astronaut. Moreover, she is also a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. She is famous as a flight engineer to International Space Station for Expedition 58/59.

Despite her dazzling fame, she is mixed up with the recent controversies regarding identity theft. Apparently, she is accused of first-ever space crime.

Followed by her recent divorce, she had filed for shared parental rights over the 6-year-old son.

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When @nasa astronaut Anne McClain had her official spacesuit photo shoot leading up to her trip to the International Space Station in November, she decided to do something unusual: McClain brought along her 4-year-old son for the session. McClain wrote that she shared the photos to support other mothers who struggle to find a work-life balance. “The hardest part about training for space is the 4 yr old I have to leave behind every time I walk out the door…I try to remember he will grow up and know what it looks like, behind the scenes, to pursue a dream. He is my ‘why.'” McClain is a decorated US Army Major, attack helicopter pilot, and aerospace engineer. 🌏✨ #womeninnasa #womeninscience #womenempowerment

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And now, she is accused of illegally accessing Summer Worden’s bank account.

Who is Summer Worden, Anne’s family, bio, net worth and more? Here are the facts all you need to know.

Anne Mcclain is ex-wife to Summer Worden- Husband

Anne Mcclain has openly talked about her sexuality. Apparently, Beautiful and kind-hearted women fascinate her.

Similarly, there are no past records of her marriage to a guy. Therefore, we assume she doesn’t have a husband.

However, back in 2014, she tied a knot with Summer Worden. The couple vowed to help each other in sickness and in health.

However, things didn’t work out so well. In 2018, McClain accused Summer of assault. Summer responded it to be an effort to gain custody of her son.

As a result, the couple parted ways. McClain filed for the custody of her son and the case is still moving on.

Recently, in August 2019, Summer has filed a case against McClain for identity theft.

She has accused her of accessing Summer’s bank account illegally from NASA’s computer. At the time, she was in the space station of NASA.

Summer Worden served as an intelligent officer for NSA for 13 years.

Summer Worden, a native of Kansas is a business graduate and an aerospace science minor. Likewise, she was a part of Air Force ROTC during her college days.

She was an intelligence officer for the Air Force from 1999 to 2006. Similarly, she also worked as a financial analyst for the organization tracking terrorist’s financial data.

Moreover, she also worked in the National Security Agency (NSA) for 2 years since 2006. Worden also built her own firm in 2012 and has been working there.

She is also working in a Real Estate. Likewise, she was also a part of the White House LGBTQ  Tech and Innovation Summit under Obama.

Anne was a flight engineer of Expedition 58/59- Wiki, Bio

Anne Mcclain, born on June 7, 1979, graduated from the Military Academy, West Point in Mechanical engineering. She is a native from Spokane, Washington.

Likewise, she completed master’s degree in aerospace engineering and International relations from the University of Bristol. She was awarded the Marshall Scholarship during her graduation.

She also played professional Rugby for Women’s Eagles before her commitment to U.S Army.

Mcclain served in the ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ deployed at Persian Golf. She also served as a squadron intelligence officer.

In 2013, she became the youngest astronaut in NASA roster. Likewise, she participated in Expedition 58/59 and performed the first spacewalk.

Later, on March 29, 2019, she was a part of the all-female spacewalk. Unfortunately, spacesuit size issues forbid them.

She has won Air medal, Bronze Star Medal, and Army achievements medal. Furthermore, she has also been awarded the Iraq Campaign Medal, Overseas Service Ribbons, and Army Commendation Medals.

What is her net worth 2019?

According to, her net worth in 2019 is approximately $85 million. The amount seems quite high.

However, she has had a successful career and the amount must be within millions.

Anne Mcclain family

According to her NASA profile, she is a daughter of late James Mcclain and Charlotte Lamp. Her mother and stepfather Don raised her.

Likewise, she also had a stepmother Mari Ann Mcclain. More facts about her family and siblings are not available for now.