How Old Is Anne Ashworth? Age Revealed

How Old Is Anne Ashworth? Age Revealed

Anne Ashworth is one of the journalists in the UK who provides real-life financial advice on mortgages and personal finance. 

Anne Ashworth is a journalist and financial advisor known for her unique strategies.

Ashworth established her name after her constant contribution to some of the most influential daily newspapers in the UK.

Further, she is also one of the successful freelancers in the finance section.

Anne Ashworth Age: How Old Is She?

Anne Ashworth seems to be between the age of 65-70 years old. 

Since freelance writers usually do not share their data on the web, her exact information regarding age and other details is unknown. Similarly, as per the available details, we can say that she was born and raised in London. 

Anne Ashworth Wikipedia 

Anne Ashworth does not have a Wikipedia page, despite her contributions as a financial advisor and a journalist.

However, her contributions in Daily Mail, The Times, This Is Money, and The London Magazine is mainly recognized.

Simialrly, Ashworth specializes in making personal strategies for personal finance issues, and you can read her works at Muckrack.

Further, she also addresses personal finance issues such as mortgages, pension, tax, real estate, banking, budgeting, and investments.

Similarly, Anne continues to expose how banks can get ahead of you legally. Moreover, she prepares her clients to make independent choices without the bank’s influence.

On the other hand, Anne is usually confused with the British feminist and activist from the early 20th century.

However, Anne does not personally talk about feminism much as she primarily targets women’s financial issues.

Anne Ashworth Husband

Anne Ashworth is a professional journalist who is married to a loving husband and has a happy family. 

However, the journalist is entirely professional about keeping her family details away from the media.

Similarly, as a media person herself, she does not mix her personal life with her professional life.

Anne did not mention her husband in any of her interviews before. She also posts only work-related stuff on her social media profiles.

Anne Ashworth Twitter And Net Worth

Anne Ashworth is active on Twitter. You can go through her tweets at @AnneAshworth.

She also has an Instagram account under her name. Similarly, looking at her Instagram posts, she seems to enjoy her life luxuriously.

Further, Anne’s book Bricks & Mortar was also a significant success. However, her exact net worth is still under review.