Are Anastasia And Mark From Real World Still Together?

The cast members of The Real World: Portland.
The cast members of The Real World: Portland.( Source : mtv )

No, Anastasia and Mark from The Real World Portland are not together. The couple has gone their separate ways.

Anastasia was one of the participants of The Real World: Portland. The Real World: Portland was the twenty-eighth season of MTV's reality show. The show's main focus was on groups of strangers living together for several months in different cities for each season. 

The show followed the lives and interpersonal relationships of members of each season, ranging from their disputes, distrust, friendship, and more.

The show features a total of eight members every season. But in this particular season, one contestant left the show voluntarily and later was replaced by another contestant.

For this particular season, there was no mandatory group assignment. The contestant was free to work, but they could only apply to production pre-approved local eateries.

The cast members for this season included Anastasia Miller, Averey Tressler, Jessica McCain, Johnny Reilly, Joi Niemeyer, Jordan Wiseley, Marlon Williams, and Nia Moore.

The show aired from 27th March 2013 to 12th June 2013.

Are Anastasia And Mark Still Together?

Anastasia and her boyfriend Mark are not together and live their own separate lives. Anastasia is currently married. 

The reality star was young and new to this kind of role and show. Prior to coming to the show she already was in a relationship with Mark. Though she was in the show, she never let anything come between her and Mark's relationship.

While other contestants may have been immoral and moved forward with their own thought, she tried to be true to her love. But in one of her interviews later, she admitted to being attracted to Jordan initially when she questioned her relationship with Mark.

When Mark came to visit her in the show for a five-day visit, she was pleased. But one thing led to another, causing their relationship on the brink of end. 

The contestant of The Real World: Portland, and her boyfriend Mark
The contestant of The Real World: Portland, and her boyfriend Mark ( Source : youtube )

The main reason is Mark had a history of substance abuse. Their relationship was a toxic relationship. 

After that episode, he asked the star to return home and stop being on the show. Initially, she thought of leaving but her roommates convinced her not to leave.

When Mark heard about it, he stormed away from the hotel where he was staying from. After that, there is no mention of him anywhere. 

Currently, the star is already married. She is currently married to Stephen Carter. 

Where Are They Now?

The actress is currently living a normal everyday life. Her boyfriend on the other hand is known to any public media. 

After the completion of the show, the reality star again joined The Challenge: Rivals II. The show was the 24th season of the MTV reality game show. The episode was shot in Phuket, Thailand.

The cast member included the former cast members of The Real World and The Challenge. 

The show aired from 10th July 2013 to 25th September 2013. The actress was paired with her rival from The Real World Portland, Jessica McCain.

Though she played the matches, she was traumatized after the show. She says it took her some time to get out of her trauma.

The reality star is already 31 years old.
The reality star is already 31 years old. ( Source : pinterest )

After coming out of the show, she did some modeling stuff and tried it out but didn't go further with it. After that, she has not opened up about what she did.

She is married to her husband Stephen, and lives together in the country in Virginia, Southern Virginia. Her husband is an ex-Navy and now works as a shipyard worker. 

The couple has a child together whose name is Earnie. Her pregnancy was extremely painful to her and she was wounded while giving birth to her child. 

Her family has had a hard due to injuries and had even had to gofundme to raise some money for her recovery from her birth trauma. 

What Happened To The Cast?

The cast members of the show went on their separate ways after the completion of the show. But not all of them.

Anastasia Miller, Jessica McCain, Jordan Wiseley and Marlon William later competed together in a later show of MTV The Challenge: Rivals II. After that, the cast members have gone their own separate ways.

Averey Tressler got into a relationship with Johnny Reilly in the show. After the show, the couple moved together to Boston to live but later their relationship ended.

Averey later appeared in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II and briefly returned for 2016's Rivals III. Currently, she works in Hooters as a waitress. 

Jessica continued to appear in different shows such as Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II and later appeared in 2016's Rivals III.

She later married baseball star Houston Astros pitcher JP France and has a son together. She is also working as a Chef.

Johnny Reilly continued to work in the entertainment industry. He competed in The Challenge: Free Agents where he won second place for the show.

The star continued to appear in Battle of the Exes II and Rivals III but didn't achieve any victory. After his separation from Averey, he married another woman in 2020 and is private about his personal life.

The Playboy model Joi Neimeyer didn't stay long in the show due to her boyfriend's back surgery. After she came to the reunion, she mentioned she was working at a bank, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is currently single and is raising two dogs.

Joi remained in the show only for 3 episodes
Joi remained in the show only for 3 episodes ( Source : instagram )

Jordan Wiseley continued appearing on MTV's other shows after completing The Real World: Portland. He appeared along with his co-star Marlon Williams in The Challenge: Rivals II, where they won third place.

He later returned for Free Agents, Battle of the Exes 2, Dirty 30, and War of the World 2. He met his girlfriend in War of the Worlds but called their relationship quits. 

Marlon Williams pursued his passion as a rapper and debuted a rap video. After the show, he joined Rivals II and won third place with Jordan. He later appeared on the Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love. Currently, he is single. He is active on his social media, posting his workout videos frequently.

Marlon is active on his social media posting workout videos
Marlon is active on his social media posting workout videos ( Source : instagram )

Nia Moore came to replace Joi in the show. After she joined the show, the harmony of the housemates blew up. She later appeared in The Challenges, Free Agents and Battle of the Exes II.

Outside of show business, she has pursued her career as a corporate flight attendant. She later appeared for The Challenge spinoff All Stars III making it to the final. She is single and is a food blogger.

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