Amira Name Meaning In You People and Fan Reactions

Lauren picture captured by Hypewilliams
Lauren picture captured by Hypewilliams( Source : instagram )

Amira name meaning in You People is Princess. The character is from the Muslim community, and it is a highly used name in this religion.

Amira is a beautiful name for a girl. Many people with the name have expressed their happiness on how You People's main character has the same name as theirs.

Lauren London received her career breakthrough after her appearance in the film ATL. She received a proposal to act on This Christmas. Then, she was featured on I Love You, Entourage, Madea's Big Happy Family, and Everybody Hates Chris, as per IMDB

Her popularity has increased with her feature in the new movie, You People. Her Jewish boyfriend, Ezra, and her Muslim upbringing create a problem in their relationship.

Their families have many differences, and one of the funniest scenes in the movie is when they meet each other. 

While the storyline is interesting and portrays real-life conversations that the interracial relationship these days has in real life, one thing that stands out is the name of Lauren in the movie.

Amira Name Meaning In You People

Amira name meaning in You People is Princess or high-born girl in Islam culture. It is an Arabic name used especially in Muslim culture.

However, the meaning of the name in Hebrew culture is tree top or saying. 

However, in the film, You People, the meaning of Amira is a princess. She belongs to the Muslim culture and is the daughter of Fatima Mohammed and Akbar Mohammed.

She is stylish, and her personality is no less like a Princess, just like her name suggests. 

Lauren as Amira in Netflix comedy movie You People
Lauren as Amira in Netflix comedy movie You People ( Source : instagram )

According to Wikipedia, the name is often used in North Africa, West Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. There are various forms, including Emira, Ameera, Ameerah, Amirah, and Meera.

The name is quite common since it is a beautiful and meaningful name for a baby girl.

As mentioned in Datayze, it was the 217th most popular girl's name, and in 2021, there were 1,347 baby girls named Amira. 

Fan Reaction About The Name 

Fans are happy that the story writers gave the name Amira to the main character in the movie. They fell in love with the name and have expressed excitement on the internet. 

One user wrote, "You People just made me fall in love with the name Amira. Future baby name locked in". Another wrote, "Lauren London characters name being Amira in You People is making me sooooo happyyyy twinnnyyyyy." 

Many people were excited because she had the same name as theirs. Many expressed their happiness about being their name called in a movie. And many people were glad that her name was Amira, as people would know how to pronounce the name itself correctly. 

Fans reaction on Amira name on You People
Fans reaction on Amira name on You People ( Source : twitter )

Another user said that those who like the name Amira could not make fun of the name Princess. People may call their child a Princess, but hardly anyone names them so. Thus, those who have this name may be made fun of sometimes. 

Lauren London As Amira In You People

Lauren London did not want to be a part of You People, but the connection the characters shared in the story made her change her mind.

Firstly, she did not understand why the main characters with different personalities were portrayed as couples. Ezra was a low-key guy, whereas Amira was stylish and outgoing. 

But later, she felt that the characters enjoyed each other and became friends first, which later developed into love, writes Instyle.

She plays the role of Amira, a costume designer from Baldwin Hills raised in a Muslim family. 

She is stylish, and her ankh pieces and ankh ring often incorporate her beliefs. Her nameplate gold chain with Amira written on it was also something noticeable in the movie. 

Jonah Hill and Lauren feature as a couple in You People
Jonah Hill and Lauren feature as a couple in You People ( Source : imdb )

The story unfolds when Ezra Cohen, a NY broker, mistakes Amira Mohammed for his uber driver. That is how they meet and eventually form a bond that develops into love. However, troubles come their way when they try to introduce each other to their respective families. 

Being a couple of mixed races, the movie explores the problems that their interracial love faces. While such romance is hardly any shock on screen in 2023, it is not deniable that the portrayal of such stories is highly neglected.

Thus, with the help of comedy, the movie also highlights this issue. 

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