Amber Cather Wikipedia And Age: Everything To Know About The Actress.

Amber Cather Wikipedia And Age: Everything To Know About The Actress.

Actress Amber Cather, who started modeling at the age of 9, is presented in this Wikipedia article. Make sure to read till the end to know about the actress.

Amber Cather is an American model and actress and currently a photographer.

Amber Cather is a woman of art. She has been involved with the camera since the age of 9. She has been through significant career changes in her lifetime. From model to actress to photographer and a traveler, she has tasted all there is in the glamorous media.

You can read more about her on her site Amber Cather Photography.

Name Amber Cather
Birthday July 27, 1981
Age 39
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 10 Inches
Nationality American
Parents Bonnie Cather
Married/Single Married
Husband Jeremy
Children Natalie, Oliver
Instagram @ambercatherphoto
Facebook @ambercatherphoto

Amber Cather Wikipedia

Amber Cather, the actress, started in the media field because of her mother, a successful videographer in DC.

Amber started modeling at the age of 9 and worked as a model for 20 years. She gained significant notoriety because of her beauty and stunning body. Amber began acting when she was twenty-two years old.

Amber’s first role was in a TV series ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. ‘ She appeared in the episode Grief as Angela. Amber’s first movie was ‘Duane Incarnate’ as Sheena. She went to work in acting for eight movies and TV shows till 2013.

Cather described that she felt vain in the movie business even when she got to travel the world and wanted to connect more with the people. That is why she made the bold choice to change her profession to a photographer.

As she was familiar with the camera since her childhood, she proved her talent by her talent even though she began her career late in her age. She mostly takes wedding photos and highlights the beauty of love in her own creative way.

Amber Cather Age And Height

Amber Cather’s age is 39 years old.

The actress/photographer was born on 27th July 1981 to Bonnie Cather.

Amber also has a sibling sister. She was born and raised in Washington, DC. She moved to New York for eight years during her acting era. She currently resides in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Amber’s height measures tall at 5 feet and 10 inches. She is much taller than an average American woman.

Amber Cather Husband And Instagram

Amber Cather is married to Jeremy.

Amber and her husband have three kids together.

Their eldest is Natalie. They recently gave birth to their second child Oliver.

Amber Cather is on Instagram. You can reach her at @ambercatherphoto. Make sure to follow her for beautiful wedding photos. You can also catch her on Facebook and Pinterest.