Who Is Alice Heaton? Everything To Know About The Sister Of Patricia Heaton

Who Is Alice Heaton? Everything To Know About The Sister Of Patricia Heaton

Alice Heaton, sister of the famous sitcom actress Patricia Heaton, was the inspiration for her. Get to know her life below.

Alice Heaton is a former theater actress known for her sister Patricia Heaton. 

Patrica Heaton is one of the recurring television actresses in the US. She made her name known from shows like Everybody Loves Raymon, Patricia Heaton Parties, The Middle, and many more.

Alice Heaton: Sister Of Patricia Heaton Wikipedia

Alice Heaton, the former theater actress, unfortunately, doesn’t act anymore.

In her late teens, she joined a local theatre in her hometown Ohio and became well known among the community at her time.

After high school, she moved to New York for her further education. Alice did theater in her college days as well but quit after her graduation. 

Even though she quit before having any successful plays, she became a role model for her sister Patricia to pursue acting.

Among the four kids, Alice was the first to pursue art, which motivated the birth of the successful actress Patricia.

Furthermore, Patricia even has a Hollywood Walk of Fame and had the honor of having her own star on LA ground in May 2012. Moreover, her walk of fame is at 533 Hollywood Boulevard.

Alice Heaton Age

The age of Patricia’s sister Alice Heaton is currently 69 years.

Similarly, she was born on 19th April 1952 in Ohio, where she and all her sisters and brother spent their younger days.

Heaton and her siblings were a happy family of six until their mother, Patricia Hurd-Heaton, passed away. Alice was 18 years old when Alice’s father, Chuck Heaton, married Cece Evers four years after her mother’s death.

Alice Heaton Family: Husband And Children

Alice Heaton is married to a Cartwright whose name is unknown. Alice and her husband have a pleasant family of three children.

Alice herself had a big family when she was a child. The oldest of all, Sharon Heaton, is a nun at the local church. Michael Heaton is the only son in the family. Her other sisters were Patricia and Frances.

Alice Heaton Net Worth

Alice Heaton’s net worth is not currently available, as she is a regular citizen.

But looking at her Facebook, we can say that she leads quite a happy life.