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The highly spirited and intellectually talented personality of journalism, Alex Wagner is a well-famed journalist of the American media. She is also associated with the television industry as a host and anchor. With her mesmerizing outlook and her dedicated representation of political analyze, she has propounded her fame in other dimensions of her career. She is popularly seen in the series broadcasted from MSNBC called Now with Alex Wagner. Her skillful interpretation of the news issues and the analysis of the political circumstances are well received and appreciated by the mass and he media industry. she has a dazzling personality with outspoken communicational skills and captivates the audience with her performance and presentation.


She felt the first verge of life in December 4 of 1977 in the capital city of the United States of America. She even was raised in Washington D.C with a mixed ethnicity from her parents. Her mother belonging from Burma and her father had the German-Irish decency, yet she holds an American nationality. She was born to Tin Swe Thant and Carl Wagner and had the Roman Catholic raising. With her parents relating with the political out castings and immigrants, she had the early influence of the political influences and circumstances. She was a student in Woodrow Wilson High School and completed her graduation in 1999 from Brown University.


After completion of her studies, she based her career in making on the field of journalism and reporting. She devoted he starting of her career working in cultural correspondence based in Center for American Progress. She then moved to magazine reporting for The Fader, which initiated her work in coverage of different musical and cultural activities all over the world. She was based as an Editor for the magazine. Being a social aware analyst, she indulged herself in several social acts and human right activism. She also worked for Not On Our Watch as executive level director. With the growing popularity from campaigns and career initiations, she got the fame of a celebrity involved in the social and cultural welfare of the society and the world. Her skills in analyzing and reporting made her one of the sought after journalist and she also was recognized for much of her achievements. She moved her services of correspondence for the White House from the Political Daily magazine based in AOL News. She later transferred to The Huffington Post after the AOL network owned it. With lots of experiences from the media circuit, she also has appeared in Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell with based for the show with her analyzing skills. The relation with MSNBC netork led her to start up her own show where she was a host and it premiered in the television network in November 14 of 2011. The show was called Now with Alex Wagner.


With her progressive views and analysis of the political campaigns and situations, she has made her own recommendations and approached the mass with her own idealistic interpretations of the logical explanations required in the Constitution and its certain amendment. Her intellectual observance and propositions of political issues are greatly supported and appreciated by the media and the audience. She has generated a high-level fame from her career relating with the political analysis. Her attractive personality with deviant facial structure and skillful repre3sentation of circumcised political issues has been the key factor of her successful career. She has been with the media, the resources linked with the high profile names and her talented views have made her the reputed celebrity of the industry. One of the best thing of being a political representative and having the fearless initiation of personal views with the aggressive approaches and the deliverance if the socio-politic aspects is a tough job but she formulated it with ease and perfection she was born for the job.


Alex Wagner personal life is kept away from the media attention. However, she is a married woman and is married to Sam Kass after being dating the personal chef of the president of America Barack Obama for a long period.  Her boyfriend turned husband is also an ambassador for Let’s Move initiative. Her height of success is never ending and she has the perfection of a media personality dressed in style and charisma. More about her bio can be searched in wiki.