Bridezilla Aleshia And Brandon To Be Married On The Show

Aleshia and Brandon on the episode of Bridezilla
Aleshia and Brandon on the episode of Bridezilla( Source : youtube )

Bridezilla Aleshia And Brandon were to be married on the reality show. Aleshia and Brandon dealt with financial issues during their wedding.

While Brandon quit his job two weeks before their marriage, and she wanted to have her dream wedding, things took a negative turn when they were in the last stage of planning their wedding.

The American reality television program called Bridezillas made its premiere on WE tv on June 1, 2004. It portrays the hectic routines of ladies who are engaged to be married in an expressive and occasionally hilarious manner.

Aleshia And Brandon Had A Difficult Relationship

Bridezillas Aleshia and Brandon were to be married on the show after five months of dating. They both are seen arguing on the show.

However, through their ups and down, they had their wedding five months after meeting them. Although having financial issues, they held their wedding.

She and Shannon discussing about marriage
She and Shannon discussing about marriage ( Source : youtube )

The show ended with them moving together and showed them being together and her being angry with him every time. However, there is no information about their being together, where they are now, or how they are making a living.

The show's fans were amazed to see her behavior toward her husband and had many reactions about them being abusive towards each other.

Their Journey On The Show

Aleshia made her appearance in season 10 episode 14 of the show. The season was hit because of her presence, and many people are still curious about her to date.

Season 10, Episode 14

Over-dramatic Bridezilla Aleshia ignores all signs that her wedding is not meant to be.

His controlling bride-to-be belittles Brandon, and a woman who behaves in an overdramatic way ignores the warning signs of a doomed wedding.

Fans Comment on her video about she being rude towards her husband
Fans Comment on her video about she being rude towards her husband ( Source : youtube )

And when they are about to get married, she freaks out due to their financial problems and has a dramatic episode with them in it.

In a clip posted on youtube, the fans can see her taking complete control of her husband and have been trained to do the exact things that she says.

The show fans commented that having a lovely wedding is everyone's dream but making it stressful is different from what anyone should do. Other viewers commented that she should use her own money to pay the wedding bills and not give stress Brandon.

Most viewers are unhappy with how she treats her fiance and have been commenting about her being abusive toward him.

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