Who Is Alaqua Cox? Everything To Know About The Marvel Movie Hawkeye Actress

Who Is Alaqua Cox? Everything To Know About The Marvel Movie Hawkeye Actress

It has been confirmed that Alaqua Cox will play the role of Echo/Maya Lopez in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. In real life, Alaqua is deaf and also her character Echo is deaf herself. Here in this article, we have put forward some information about her family and illness.

Alaqua Cox is an American actress who is making her on-screen debut in the Disney+ series Hawkeye.

She will be seen playing the role of Echo/ Maya, a Deaf Native American assassin having the ability to copy other person movements.

Furthermore, it is also believed that Echo will also have its own series. As per Variety, it is reported that Disney plus Echo is in the early phase of development.

Many believe Alaqua playing the role of a deaf character will set an example of better disability representation in the movie industry and the future.

Alaqua Cox Boyfriend Details

Alaqua Cox does have a boyfriend. However, the name of her boyfriend is still not available.

Alaqua has not talked much about her boyfriend in the public.

Nevertheless, we can find pictures of the couple together on her Instagram. It seems that have been in a relationship for a couple of years.

Seeing their pictures it looks they have recently fallen in love.

Alaqua Cox Parents And Ethnicity

Alaqua Cox’s parents are her father, Bill Cox, and her mother, Elena Heath. Besides, Alaqua, Bill, and Elena are also the parents of two other daughters, Jordy and Katie.

They belong to Native American origins, having raised their family in the Menominee Indian Reservation in Keshena, Wisconsin.

Menominee Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation which is of Menominee and Mohican nations.

So, Alaqua is of Native American ethnicity. She is also representing a Native American character of Echo/Maya Lopez in Hawkeye (2021).

Alaqua Cox Illness Or Disability

Alaqua Cox illness is that she was born deaf. She does not take hearing impairment as an excuse to stop her from achieving success.

Her character Echo/Maya Lopez is also a deaf Native American same as her. Her inclusion in Marvel has paved a way for better representation for disable individuals.

Alaqua is also an amputee. However, we don’t have any information about the cause of her being an amputee.

Cox is a strong individual, despite her disability she has maintained a great physique and strength.

Alaqua Cox Instagram And Net Worth

Alaqua Cox is active on Instagram, we can find her by the name @alaquacox. She has over 14.1 k followers and 27 posts to date.

We can find her pictures from the movie set of Hawkeye. Similarly, she constantly put pictures of her family, sister, and boyfriend.

It seems she loves the beach as there are many pictures of her on the beach.

Alaqua’s net worth has not been disclosed yet. Hawkeye is her first on-screen debut.

We know Marvel pays their actors in millions, let’s hope and wish she will be able to garner fame and wealth by being part of Marvel Universe.