Adam Gaertner Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Virology Expert

Adam Gaertner Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Virology Expert

Adam Gaertner is an independent researcher who claims to know the process of the creation of Coronavirus. For further knowledge, stick with the article.

Adam Gaertner is an independent virologist who is one of the most active analysts during the pandemic on the treatment of COVID-19.

According to his Twitter, he found the cure for COVID in April 2020. Apparently, he started looking for therapeutic solutions including Ivermectin, in early 2020. He also provides awareness about Ivermectin on the website, CovidCandy.

In an email released by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Adam claimed to know the process of creation of coronavirus and also included a recipe in the email. However, the email doesn’t contain any proof regarding the matter.

Adam Gaertner Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Adam Gaertner is an Arizona-based independent researcher on viruses.

He has been very active during the pandemic, researching the treatment of COVID-19 especially the therapeutic solutions.

In April 2020, he tweeted Ivermectin combination therapy to be an effective cure. He has also done some video interviews, notably with Dr. Mobeen Syed and Dr. Yo., in July/August 2020.

Apparently, not much is known regarding his education, work background, and family.

How Old Is Adam Gaertner?

Adam Gaertner’s age appears to be 35-45 years old.

He is yet to publicize his official birthdate and birthplace to the public. 

Adam Gaertner Wife 

Virologist  Adam Gaertner seems to be married to his wife, Chelsea Belle.

Apparently, he has mentioned her in one of his tweets.

What Is Adam Gaertner Salary?

Adam hasn’t made his salary official.

However, he is a virologist and the average virologist’s salary falls between 99,658 and 128,646 dollars.

Adam Gaertner Instagram

For Adam Gaertner’s social media presence and influence, he isn’t on Instagram.

However, he is very active on Twitter as @veryvirology.