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Actor Aidan Gallagher Girlfriend And Height, Is He Dating With Girlfriend?
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He is only 15 and Aidan Gallagher just doesn’t stop creating a buzz in the Tinsel Town with his romantic history and affairs. As much as he is in trend for his work as an artist and environmental activist, Gallagher is evenly in the news for his high profile love life.

Although he has maintained an intrigue routine of his private life, noticeably keeping most of his relationship with Hollywood beauties a secret over the years, plenty of Aidan’s affairs have yet become paparazzi favorite which includes his romantic linkups with actress Hannah McCloud.

While they never confirmed what they had between each other, the duo reportedly made headlines in entertainment news and magazine with their swirling romantic affair that remained for quite a while.

From being spotted together across the states time and again to gushing and appreciating each other’s work on social media, they clearly had the audience speculated that the stars were serious about the relationship while will most probably go too long.

Yet, for whatsoever reason, things didn’t work out between the two as time fluttered and it wasn’t long then news broke that the two have officially separated from each other.

And it was finally proved that they have called it quits after the Revenge famed actress was spotted bonding and getting cozy with a guy named Dylan Nichols months after the rumors of their split circulated.

Since the awful breakup with Hannah, Aidan has flicked dating rumors with two other rising stars one being music artist Trinity Rose.

The 15-years-old clearly seems to have something with the pop singer as he not only attended the premiere of his web series with Rose but also played the cover song of the ‘City of Stars’.

The growing fondness and bond that is seemingly getting stronger over the years convince fans and media of the duo being a lovebird.

American Actor Aidan Gallagher Height – 5 feet 2 inches

He is so young yet so well-groomed, outmaneuver, and attractive with outstanding acting prowess that it’s impossible to overlook Aidan Gallagher.

The young guy is irrefutably the gen-next Hollywood heartthrob with mind-boggling good looks, endearing facial features, likable persona, and delightful appearance.

Despite being pubescent, he acts so matured and conscientious that the audience enjoys watching him both on screen and off.

Blessed with an average height of 5 feet 2 inches and endearing looks matched by sharp cheekbone, neat hairstyle and captivating, the ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’ famed actor truly attracts viewers like a magnet.

Has Aidan Gallagher moved on with new girlfriend or is he still dating Hannah McCloud?

Aidan Gallagher surely is an inborn charmer otherwise it hadn’t been possible for a guy aged 15 to have plenty of high profile relationship that can envy even leading stars in the industry.

The Umbrella Academy star initially created headlines in websites through his public affair with Hannah McCloud whom he dated in between 2017.

it wasn’t long before he broke up with the actress, Aidan was romantically linked with ‘Game Shakers’ actress Madisyn Shipman. Rumors were that the couple briefly dated each other before the relationship came to an end.

He is currently speculated to be dating pop singer-songwriter Trinity Rose who had seemingly taken on her Instagram to wish the actor on his 15th birthday. The promising singer had even accompanied Aidan during the premiere of Netflix superhero web series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ at Neue House.